Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Be Stressed Out on Your Wedding Day

Getting married......feeling a bit stressed about your big day flowing smoothly...... The Perfect Plan can ease your mind, take care of all the orchestration so you can relax and enjoy making the most of your memorable day.  We have dealt with weather issues, family issues, ring issues ( yes our ringbearer doggie chased a bunny at our farm wedding and bye bye rings least for a bit til we caught up with him) wardrobe malfunctions and the endless other tasks we have troubleshooted in our ten years of planning and orchestrating weddings.  The key to a successful event is finding professional and ethical vendors and hiring a professional to manage your wedding day.  You did not put all the time, emotion, and money into this treasured event for it not to flow smoothly and to spend the day worrying.  If you want to relax and enjoy your wedding, consider what a wedding planner can offer you, something priceless.....peace of mind.  If you already have your vendors booked, great!  If not I recommend ethical and professional ones to help you have the best day ever.  The Cape & Islands Wedding Group is a network of professional vendors, who follow a Code of Ethics within the group and with their clients. The Perfect Plan is a member of this networking wedding group  and Connie Nye Clark is current President of the organization. When hiring a wedding planner, do your research, ask for client and vendor references.  An experienced planner in the industry should be able to produce excellent references.  Ask what venues they have worked at before, how many weddings they have done in their years in business and how long their business has been in operation.   Find us at http// or check out for more information about what we do and who we are.  Happy Planning and Congratulations on your upcoming event.
Connie Nye Clark/Owner The Perfect Plan

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vendor Raves

So now that our 2010 season has ended and I seem to have a bit of  extra time on my hands before we roll into our events for 2011, I want to thank my spectacular vendors that helped us take our events once again to an extraordinary level this year.  One of my favorites of all time florists, Judy Fligg of All About Flowers for Weddings did so many of our 39 events this year all with different styles and designs.  She is amazing at creating floral designs for a multitude of bride's and their varying visions.  Not only do we value her as a preferred vendor but also as a great friend in the industry.  With regards to photography, we had some new experiences this year working for the first time with Tom Davis of Northern Images, Chris Cook of Cook Photography, Bello Photography and Jen Clark of PhotoJenic Studio. Your shots are amazing and you are so easy to work with.  I also have to thank Robert Perachio of Elegant Bliss Photography out of Boston as he has done some amazing weddings with us in the past few years.... Love your work!  We cannot thank Jen Halbert from Dulce Press enough for her creative talents for my many clients both wanting simple cape cod design to elegant detailed stationary.  She offers the ultimate in service, creativity and flexibility...
Our DJ's deserve alot of credit for keeping the receptions alive, thanks to Scott Rosenthal of Cape Tunes, Keith Lemire and Danny Walsh and to Joe Toto at Groove Entertainment for his amazing work in Truro this past October... Love you guys!
We could not have had such a successful season, doing 85 % of our events tented without the incredible services of our Rental companies: Thank you to Sperry Tent, Taylor Rental, Party Cape Cod and Rentals Unlimited for working so hard to bring my product in and installing my tents with diligence and scheduling flexibility. Many thanks to our favorite bar service The Bartending Service of New England for their professionlism and quality beverage services.  Finally thank you to my valued caterers for a scrumptious and service focused season: Blackstone's Catering for traveling to Cape Cod for my Labor Day Weekend event, to Sumptuous for being so creative and flexible as we worked together several times this year, Eat Your Heart Out, Treats Catering and finally Chapins for having faith in The Perfect Plan as your wedding planner of choice.. You guys rock!  We are looking forward to many more successful events with you all in 2011 and beyond

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mastering the Art of the Tented Affair

At The Perfect Plan, we have done countless tented weddings over the many years in business.  Some have called us crazy for our absolute love of doing these amazing yet logistically challenging events.  Don't get me wrong, I love working on Cape Cod at some of the most beautiful and charming indoor venues as well, but the heart of the planner in me just LOVES planning a tented wedding.  There is something refreshing about a blank canvas where the creative juices flowing in our office can be channeled. We have done many three day events involving flipping tents three to four times per weekend in order to utilize the tent for rehearsal dinners, weddings, and post wedding brunches.  From Cape Cod Casual beachy themed weddings to elaborate, elegant weddings complete with tent liners and chandeliers, we have skillfully mastered the art and logistics for successful tented weddings and events.  If you are a bride thinking of a tented wedding, we would love to help you execute the logistics with our planning services.  Can't decide whether to enter into the tented wedding territory?  Here is our bullet list of things to consider when having a tented wedding or event:
  • Does the venue have adequate power supply for all vendors involved...caterer, band or dj, tent lighting, restroom trailer, photo booth etc.  We always do a power assessment for each property, trust us you do not want to have power troubles on your wedding day!
  • Is there parking on site or nearby, if not how do you arrange for transportation for your guests to the venue and then home.  Transportation logistics is a big part of what we do leading up to the event and then coordination with transportation vendors on the big day.  We field the phone calls from drivers not you or your family.
  • Back up rain plan if ceremony is to be outdoors onsite as well.  We have moved many ceremonies due to weather in our years of planning, we always have a plan B and our staff puts it into play efficiently.
  • Always get sidewalls for your tents, at least have them onsite if not installed, we spend alot of our time putting them up and taking them down depending on weather, ocean winds and comfort of guests.  Depending on time of year, heaters may need to be rented as well.
  • Restroom facilities, do you need to rent a restroom trailer, if it is a private home, will they allow all your guests to use the indoor restrooms.  Generally we advise renting a restroom trailer for convenience of guests and less traffic thru the indoor facility, especially if wedding is at a private home.
  • We advise having bar and music shut down at same time and always check the noise ordinances in the town your venue is in prior to booking times for these services.  Some venues and properties set their own end times and some fall under town noise ordinances.
  • Is a tent permit required
  • Designation of someone who will oversee vendors and or delivery and setup of tent and rental equipment, we offer this service and are available to oversee tent setups and deliveries and takedowns as well.
  • Always ask your caterer what additional equipment they will need, such as ovens, cook tent, heating units etc.  Many times you will have to rent such items for your caterer and you should budget for this cost.
  • Will there be additional charges from vendors for a difficult load in, long walk or hilly or beach terrain.
  • What underground utilities are on site and could it pose a problem with your tent stakes
  • Trash removal, who is responsible and who incurs the cost
These are some of the things we educate our clients about when planning a tented wedding or event.  These facts are in no way meant to deter you from doing a tented event as there is something amazingly fabulous in the creation of events under tents with nature's scenery as your canvas.  I hope you find this information enlightening and helpful if you are planning a tented event or wedding or are entertaining the idea.  We have many photos of REAL weddings that are tented on our galleries page of our website.  We would love to hear from you, if you are in need of assistance with your special day!
Happy Planning