Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Planning from The Heart

Fifteen years is a long time to have a career, especially when one deals  high emotion, irrationality, and expectations beyond human capability.  Did you know that one of the top most stressful jobs in a nationwide survey lists Wedding or Event Planner as one of the top ten most stressful jobs along with soldier, fireman, surgeon and policeman.  I for one am not at all surprised by this.  This is a career where quick thinking, extreme problem solving, thick skin, creative Einstein thinking, and the ability to take blame for all and everything become your tools.  Your tool box should be quite large, filled with all kinds of things you think you will never need but always end up using.  Oh yes and don't forget, you cannot or do not have a life outside of work. We do not work nine to five and always need to be present and available. Weekends to us are filled with crazy setups, prayers for great weather and when that fails us, successful implementations of perfectly executed rain plans.  If you get a thank you or any type of appreciation for running like crazy to make a dream day perfect, count your blessings.  Lets be honest, vendors; we all think it but just don't say it.  Why oh why do we keep going back for more. 
Here is why I keep going back:
For the ability to do a career that gives a moment in time that cannot be erased in the eyes of the bride and groom and parents.  For the ability to create something greater than ourselves

To be a part of something from the heart, helping to create a day reflective of the love between two people who are committing to a life, a journey together.  We are helping them to start that journey, the first steps to joining their lives.
To see a plan, a design, a dream, a vision come to completion, with hard work, a team effort, put into place with a passion, integrity, and patience.

Success for us is not measured by the volume of weddings we do, the fee we collect, or the amount we are featured in the cyber world of weddings, it is measured in this:
" I have no idea how you created all of this, made it all happen so flawlessly"
"We loved every moment of our wedding, thanks to your amazing team of planners!"
" I am beyond speechless as to how perfect our wedding was"
It is for us the look between a couple doing their first dance, the smile on the faces of the crowd sharing a special time, the tear on a father's face as he walks his daughter down that aisle,
that moment where you understand that you helped this magical time happen, in all the busyness, the logistical planning, the time away from our own loved ones, that you made a difference on a day that God willing is once in a lifetime for the people you work for.

We create moments, memories, we make magical things happen, we solve, share, create, capturing the true essence of our clients, helping their vision become a dream reality.
WE LOVE WHAT WE DO.....just ask our clients......

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

North Shore/Boston Expansion

Well our Boston and North Shore expansion has started with our first booked September 2014 wedding at Hammond Castle, despite the rain we loved working this venue, what a unique and special place. 

We our finishing up our wedding season on the Cape this month and are excited this winter to be networking in the Boston and North Shore. 

Also very excited to be moving this week our Cape Cod office to Main Street in Osterville.  Great new rental items and a full showroom and conference room to meet our valued clients.

Watch for postings of our rental items and cool wedding accessories for rent.

We are also busy gearing up for our 2nd Annual Seaside Wedding Show at The Nantasket Beach Resort coming up this March.

 Call us for appointments in Boston or Cape Cod.  We are booking up for 2015 and 2016 Seasons and will travel throughout New England and service Newport and Eastern Connecticut.